The Business opportunity


There are a number of ways to use the cartaway concrete mixer trailers to generate profits - whether it's rentals, deliveries or as a concrete contractor, these versatile mixer trailers can be used in a number of business models.

Small load concrete sales

The reason we bought the mixers - selling small loads of ready mix concrete to Do-It-Yourselfers and small concrete contractors.

There is a complete Cartaway Concrete business plan that I will include with these mixers. Cartaway has been a great company to deal with and I believe that they will be a valuable partner to the purchaser of these mixers.

As a rental machine

Rent the mixer to a contractor or City for use as an on site mixer - that you service for them.

We treated these Honda motors very well, with regular servicing - if you do the same, these machines will last a very long time. Cartaway makes such a good machine that they buy back used machines and sell them on their site. They stand behind what they make.

Concrete Contractors

Do you pour driveways and patios? Are small loads killing your profits with the minimum load charges and wait times? Own your own tow behind mixer - that turns just like a ready mix truck and cut your one-yard costs in half!

Not sure about mixing your own concrete on a regular basis? We may be able to work out a deal on filling your mixer. I will not store the mixers for you - and you will have to bring the mixers in at predetermined times so as not to interrupt our production, however, we should be able to work something out - please contact to discuss. or call me at 604-580-4108

Partner with Sanderson Concrete

While I am not interested in starting a new concrete installation business, with the right contractor, I will consider loading your mixer on a regular basis. This will only work with regular loads and notice. The reason we are selling these is because we put too much manpower into moving our mixers in and out of storage for each load - you will have to store the mixers on your own site, however, we will consider loading your mixers when you show up at an appointed time with the mixer hooked up to your truck. Costs will have to be negotiated, but they will be very favorable to the buyer of these mixers.

We are able to provide you with coloured concrete, exposed aggregate mixes and high strength mixes for municipal work.

How to travel with mixed concrete

Using readily available admixtures (concrete retardants) you can travel quite a distance with these mixers fully loaded. We have had one contractor take a load from our Surrey location to West Vancouver. We simply calculated the time required, added the appropriate amount and he towed the mixed concrete almost 40 kilometers (25 miles) to the jobsite. Because the mixer continues to turn while you drive - and the admixture, the mix did not kick off until it was required.


A yard of concrete should cost you just under $100.00 in raw materials. You can sell small loads for $275.00 - and much more if you are delivering it. This is considerably less than a small load ready mix delivery - and you control the delivery time.