why are we selling?

We are a precast concrete manufacturer

We bought the trailers in 2013, when we expanded - also adding a 2 yard mixer to our batch plant. The idea was that we would have the larger mixer in our plant, so we could add these two Cartaway Concrete mixer trailers to the business, eventually growing our business to include landscape supplies such as sand and gravel and bricks and blocks.

The Cartaway rental business is not for us - we're simply too busy making precast concrete products

It took until 2014 to install our new batch plant. As soon as we did, we realized quickly that the rental trailers interrupted our regular production. The margins were good - but unless we were able to keep the mixers going in and out multiple times a day, we were not set up right for this type of business. The trailers were stored around the back of the plant under cover - we have built proper storage for them to keep the machines in top condition by not leaving them outside in the weather when not in use. As such - setting up a mixer for a customer and then cleaning and putting away the mixers was time-consuming - and it took men away from production in the plant.

These mixers have had less than 150 mixes each

From 2014, when we began the mixer rental business in earnest to 2016, when we pulled the mixers off the road, we have only run about 150 mixes in each mixer. The mixers have been very well cared for - and barely used. 

The concrete dust you see in the photos is more from sitting in our back yard (under cover) for the last two years than from use.

A 2008 mixer just sold at auction for $16,000 Canadian in Vancouver - the owner called me to inquire about our mixers and told me what he paid. His mixer was a 2008 and had a lot more use that these mixers have had.